Spitzberg Partners employs a growing team of analysts and associates with strong experience in international business, government, and academia.

Our locations

Our team is headquartered in NYC, with additional offices and personnel located in Washington, DC, Toronto, Berlin, and Zagreb. We additionally maintain deep networks and a consistent presence in other critical locations such as Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, and Brussels.

We provide significant in-house expertise on laws and regulations governing data privacy and data security in Europe, Canada, the US, and key emerging markets around the world. Moreover, our roster includes experts in the fields of technology, geopolitics, investment, energy, and international security.

Companies that do not anticipate and respond to geopolitical, cross-cultural, and international regulatory changes risk losing out in an increasingly competitive and complex international marketplace.

Forward-thinking firms require customized, actionable intelligence in order to navigate this new business environment. Our backgrounds and expertise at the intersection of the public and private sectors enable us to provide timely insights into these challenges while clearly articulating how they impact business models.